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Free: Mat Lavore's "Magic & Mystery

Sat, Dec 02 - 4:00 pm

Full Price: $55 - $65

Discount Price: FREE

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Mat LaVore opens with effects other magicians would be happy to close with -- if they could just figure out how LaVore did them. For this mentalist and magician not only stumps college students, conventioneers, bar hoppers, theater audiences and impromptu crowds on the street (i.e., pretty much everybody), he also regularly perplexes his fellow magicians. An expert hypnotist, he can perform impossibly fast calculations, subliminally implant information into the brains of strangers and even predict lottery numbers. From all-too-real mind readings to mystifying hypnosis, his Magic and Mystery show will leave even the most skeptical audiences awestruck. Experience it yourself when he brings this remarkable production to Atlanta's Omni Hotel.

Event Location

Omni Hotel 100 CNN Center Atlanta, GA 30303

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