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Advertise on Community Scene

Reach thousands of viewers each month and save big with our affordable flat-fee advertising plan.

Tired of paying $2 or more per click for your advertising campaigns? We get it. Pay-per-click advertising is an expensive way to drive traffic to your website.

At a typical $2 per click with Facebook or Google Adwords, a few hundred clicks quickly adds up to a small fortune, and takes a big chunk of your profit margins. Yet many business owners think it's the only way to get their company noticed online.

When you advertise on Community Scene, you get unlimited page views and clicks, and you can choose any page that doesn't already have an advertiser. You can reach thousands of local viewers each month - without breaking your budget!

We'll even let you see which pages are getting the most traffic, so you can make an informed decision:

Your banner ad image will be prominently displayed in the sidebar where local members can't miss it.

Just send us your banner ad image, the redirect link (where you want us to send users when they click your ad), and the page on Community Scene where you want your ad placed. Pricing is $25 per month, per page... or contact us for heavily discounted group pricing if you'd like to place your ad on multiple pages.

Do you have a question about advertising on Community Scene? Call 503-621-8772 or send us an email.



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